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  • Personal Injury, Worker's Compensation, Auto Accident, Truck Accident, Slip & Fall Accident Lawyer Serving Edison, NJ

    The Charney & Roberts Law Office proudly helps the people of Edison, NJ with workman’s compensation, construction site injury, auto wreck cases and more. Times likes these can be emotionally and physically draining and because we understand that, we will make sure our clients get the compensation they are entitled to by resiliently dealing with every part of the legal process, no matter how daunting. We are patient and tenacious with our cases and we want our clients to receive the compensation that they deserve. Schedule a free consultation at the Charney & Roberts law office to discuss your Edison, NJ auto wreck, motorcycle accident or truck collision case.

    Whether the first consultation is done over the phone or in the office, it is always free. Once on retainer, you will only pay us if we successfully obtain for you monetary compensation. Click her to submit your case to us or call us using the number (908)-925-8300 and get a free review and discussion of your truck collision, product liability or workman’s compensation case.

    Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Attorney Practicing in the Edison, New Jersey Area

    • Auto Collision – We here at Charney & Roberts are well known for how thoroughly and expertly we investigate auto collision injury cases.
    • Workers’ Compensation – Our Edison attorneys have helped thousands of people in Edison, NJ successfully obtain workman’s compensation for many different things, including knee injuries, rotary cuff injuries, disc herniation, carpal tunnel syndrome, sprains & strains, neck back and shoulder injury, psychological injuries and partial or total disability.
    • Personal Injury – This area of law has various degrees of fault ranging from strict liability torts to intentional liability torts and negligence.
    • Slip and Fall – ‘Slip fall’ is the term for injury cases when a dangerous or hazardous conditions on another person’s premises causes someone to slip and fall. These accidents can occur on public, residential or commercial premises.
    • Truck Accident – Probably the most serious and deadliest accidents in the United States are those that involve a truck collision. You should consult an experienced lawyer if you are injured in a truck accident.
    • Brain Trauma – It is essential to take measures immediately to preserve evidence with cases involving brain trauma. The kind of injury and the extent of the brain trauma must be proven in order to allow expert medical witnesses to be able to corroborate the source of your injuries.
    • Construction Site Accident – Your first concerns once you are involved in a workplace accident are your health and welfare. One of our professional lawyers will handle your construction site injury case to give you the chance that you need to win your case.
    • Dog Bite – We have extensive experience with the Edison and New Jersey dog bite laws. Our thirty years of experience with dog bite cases will ensure you results.
    • Motorcycle Accident – If your bike was totaled in a motorcycle accident, you experienced injuries in a motorcycle collision, or had to take time away from work because of the negligence of the other driver, there is a good chance you will be able to receive motorcycle collision compensation.
    • Neck and Back Injury -It is of the utmost importance that you find the right injury attorney. Neck back injuries can occur under many different circumstances.
    • Nursing Home Negligence – If one of your loved ones is a resident at an assisted living facility and you feel that they are suffering from negligence or even that they are suffering from nursing home abuse physically or mentally, one of our Edison, NJ lawyers here at Charney and Roberts who are experienced in the matters of nursing home negligence can help.
    • Product Liability – Sometimes something that you use on a daily basis and that does not seem harmful can injure you. Examples of product liability include suffering harm from power tools, the car, air conditioners, coffee makers, irons, toys, baby chairs, toasters, hair dryers and even clothes.
    • Shoulder Injury – You may sustain a shoulder injury in a number of different scenarios, including in an auto accident or a workplace accident.
    • Third Party Liability – Our injury Edison attorneys can establish if there is any third party liability while handling your personal compensation claim. You will get the greatest monetary compensation possible with an experienced attorney working on your case.
    • Wrongful Death – It is always stressful to deal with a death inside the family and the grieving process can worsen if it is a wrongful death. Unfortunately when another party acts in a negligent way, sometimes an unexpected and wrongful death can occur.

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