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  • Personal Injury, Worker's Compensation, Auto Accident, Truck Accident, Slip & Fall Accident Lawyer Serving Fanwood, NJ

    Whether your pain and suffering is the result of an Auto Accident, workplace injury, Brain Trauma, or Nursing Home Negligence, you need the experience and skill of a reputable legal firm that knows how to handle Personal Injury cases.

    In Fanwood, NJ, the Charney and Roberts legal firm is known for getting clients what they deserve, when they have suffered from an injury. The law firm handles all types of cases, including Product Liability, Slip Fall, Nursing Home Abuse, Construction Site Accident, and Auto Wreck claims. In addition, the firm offers services in areas like family law, real estate, and traffic issues.

    Negotiating with the other party’s insurance company requires knowledge and skill. The average accident or injury victim does not have the knowledge to fight the insurance company and get what is deserved, in terms of compensation. To find out how Charney and Roberts can help, schedule an initial consult by calling. The staff will schedule an appointment in the office or by phone, if preferred. One of the skilled attorneys will discuss the details of your case and determine what kind of monetary settlement you may be entitled to, whether the injury is due to a negligent injury or a wrongful death.

    Personal Injury Services Serving the Fanwood Area

    • Auto Collision or Truck Collision – The legal firm will conduct a complete inquiry into the case and find out what they injured party may be entitled to. Following up with and responding to the insurance company is part of this process.
    • Workers’ Compensation – Often, an employer will try to avoid paying for Workman’s Compensation medical costs and pain, through intimidation or coercion. The legal representation of Charney and Roberts can help a worker get the right medical treatment and file the paperwork needed for payment, whether for a minor problem like a Shoulder Injury, a Neck Back Injury, or a complete disability due to an on the job accident or negligence. Carpal tunnel syndrome, fractures, knee injuries, and sprains/strains are some of the examples the firm can handle, in workplace related injuries.
    • Personal Injury – this type of law is often broken down into categories, like negligence, intentional tort, and liability tort, such as with a Product Liability case. Any faulty product can cause injury or death. The manufacturer must be help liable and must make restitution to the consumer or the family.
    • Slip and Fall – A slip and fall is a case where an individual is hurt, due to a dangerous condition or a hazard on private property. This can be a Construction Site Accident or a fall in a grocery store. Either way, the company should have taken more care of the physical environment and should be help responsible for the results of a fall.
    • Truck Accident – A truck accident can result from improper driving or lack of control of a semi. Such accidents are among the most severe in the U.S. and need the expertise of a skilled law firm.
    • Brain Trauma – Traumatic Brain Injury occurs when a person loses cognitive function to any extent. Such cases require collection of evidence and testimony from expert witnesses.
    • Construction Site Accident – This is when a Construction Site Injury occurs due to improper use of equipment or lack of adequate protection for workers or bystanders.
    • Dog Bite – This is usually a case where an injured party can be compensated, depending on the severity of injury and trauma. You will need an attorney that understands the law regarding dogs and ownership responsibility in New Jersey.
    • Motorcycle Accident – If you’ve been involved in a Motorcycle Collision, it is likely you will need compensation to repair or replace a totaled bike and for lost days at work, when the accident was caused by another driver.
    • Neck and Back Injury -Finding the right attorney who specializes in personal injury law is of the utmost importance. Neck and back injuries can occur due to a number of different reasons.
    • Nursing Home Negligence – If a family member has suspicious injuries, he or she may be the victim of Nursing Home Abuse. One of our nursing home
    • Third Party Liability – There are many situations that can lead to unforeseen injury. Many times, Third Party Liability is applied to seek payment for medical costs, emotional pain, and lost earnings. Charney and Roberts can help, regardless of the situation. An experienced attorney can get the compensation you deserve.
    • Wrongful Death – this is what happens when a family member dies due to the negligence of another party or organization. This requires careful investigation that only an experienced lawyer can provide.

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