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  • Atlanta Woman Sues Over Wrongful Incarceration

    USA TODAY – July 5, 2012

    An innocent woman who spent 53 days in jail due to a police mix-up is suing the Atlanta Police Department, according to court documents.

    Teresa Culpepper was arrested on charges of battery and assault after calling 911 to report that her truck had been stolen by her boyfriend on August 21, 2011.

    Angelo Boyd also called 911 at around the same time to report that his girlfriend, Teresa Gilbert, had splashed boiling water on him. One Atlanta Police Officer was sent to both scenes, and he wrongfully arrested Culpepper for the assault on Boyd, whom she had never even met.

    Culpepper was held until her indictment on October 6, where, according to the court transcript, Boyd said, “No, thats not her.” Although the judge dismissed the felony count of aggravated battery against Culpepper at the indictment, the misdemeanor assault charge remained, causing Culpepper to stay in jail until all charges against her were dropped on October 12.

    Upon her release from jail, Culpepper discovered that she had been evicted from her home, her personal belongings had been stolen, her stolen truck had been sold and she owed the federal government $1,000 for a disability check she received while in jail, which is not allowed under federal law.

    The lawsuit is seeking an unspecified amount of damages.